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Is Kink a Sexual Orientation? →

I honesty know pretty much nothing about this subject but this is an interesting read that makes a really compelling argument, while redefining what you’d typically consider a ‘sexual orientation’.

SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN is Ending and My Heart Hurts →

The most appropriate response to this news is this article. What are you doing getting rid of your best series, Marvel, Why.

Adrianne Palicki Joins 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' as a Certain Familiar Avengers Character →

1. They finally got an actually kinda-huge comic book character in the show, finally (not counting Maria Hill and Nick Fury)

2. They got a pretty big name actress (I guess?) to play the role. Which probably means we’ll see her in one of the mainline Marvel movies at some point.

3. Its Mockingbird. Mockingbird’s awesome.

In Japan, McDonald's Jumbo-Sized Cola Is a Forever Alone Reminder →

The sad part is that as of right now in my life, I would be the guy drinking this alone with two straws.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson set for DC Comics film →

The Rock’s totally gonna be in a Shazam movie. There’s totally gonna be a Shazam movie, even though DC hasn’t announced it. Nothing stops The Rock. Except making a decision as to which Shazam character he wants to play.

I’d say Black Adam. I love it when The Rock plays crazy characters, I don’t want him to be a superhero.

Disney Dudes' Dicks: What Your Favorite Princes Look Like Naked →

They weren’t kidding. There’s massive (not all of them are massive) Disney Prince penis inside this link. And… just read it? I got nothing to say. I’m sorry. My childhood wasn’t really a Disney one so fuck everything.

Cambridge Is Looking for a PhD Student to Study Chocolate →

I would have seriously considered working harder on my Sciences if this opportunity was available to me just a couple of years ago. 

Because think about it: Cambridge University’s going to create Willy Wonka. That’s what’s gonna happen. And that’s fucking amazing.

The Multimillion Dollar Quest To Brew The Perfect Cup Of Coffee →

I love my Starbucks but if you can make me love just pure black coffee, I will yield to you.

Report: Doctor Strange Movie Not an Origin Story →

I sort of like this move, if its true. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has matured and superheroes, superpowers, aliens, magic: that’s all established material in their little universe. Hell, in the case of Doctor Strange, Stephen Strange has already been name-dropped. The Marvel movies tend to one to keep pushing forward in their timeline with every movie so it makes sense that this decision is being made now.

Sure, it might be weird that you won’t get the origin to Doctor Strange, who really though, could use the origin story. But its a bold move on Marvel’s part that beyond anything, probably shows the faith they have in their audience. The audience has already bought into a Marvel Universe where there’s all sorts of crazy shit. You don’t have to explain how every instance of that insanity decides to manifest. 

How I Became a Fan of The Leftovers →

I was probably more positive about The Leftovers from the beginning but this great article by Film School Rejects pretty much sums most of it up. 

Its a crazily dark show. Everyone’s kind of an asshole and no one is winning any fight in this show. Every week, every episode, the situation just gets worse for these characters, or gets perceived as worse by the characters around them. At the same time though, The Leftovers paints this mysterious world. A small population of the world have disappeared, vanished into the Rapture. The way this single event spirals out of control is marvellous, with the Guilty Remnant being such a weirdly appealing result of the crazy new world. And its not just about the Rapture. Voices whispering into ears, some form of higher being pulling the strings of some events, guardian angels: Its a weird world, the world of The Leftovers.

Kim Dotcom: from playboy entrepreneur to political firebrand →

Never really used Megaupload so I’m not gonna say that holy shit Kim Dotcom is a God amongst men. As someone who wants to get into the creative space as a career, I see the value of protecting copyrighted material and stuff. And as someone who lives in a part of the world that’s pretty advanced technologically and is still limited by the dumbest regional media restrictions, I also see the appeal to just download the content that the content providers for some reason don’t want me to see just because I live in Singapore.

Here’s my take, and its something you’ll hear a lot more of everytime we come across these kinds of articles: We live in the age of the Internet. Everything is accessible online. So if you tell me that because of licensing, the content available on the World Wide (WORLD WIDE) Web is not available in my country, I say “Sorry, this system is fucked, I don’t care anymore, I’m just going to download this.” 

I hate doing it, I want to give you my money, but I also want to enjoy your content and be part of the conversation as it happens on the (again) WORLD WIDE Web. 

So yea, I kinda like Kim Dotcom. He hasn’t killed anyone. He hasn’t harmed everyone. He has freed content up for the masses. That’s okay in my book.

And sending a 70+ team of armed men to assault his home? That’s fucked up. I don’t care what the guy did, a Internet criminal (who committed copyright crime) is probably not dangerous enough to warrant that kind of response.

Life with Asperger’s without the romantic glow – Kent Miller →

I’ve always dreamed of the family I might one day have. A loving, strong, independent wife. 2 kids? Yea, that sounds right. A son, to further the Sanjeev line of stupidity. A daughter who becomes the most badass a badass can be. And then I wonder “What if my kids are disabled in some way?”

Its tough. Anyone not in the situation will easily say that they’d treat them the same, exactly the same. Unconditional, right? Its easy to say. I put myself in the same situation and I say the same thing but I have no idea how it’d play out if it actually happened. 

I’m 19 so I’m probably 10 years too young to even think about this but even right now, I have so many expectations, dreams of what I want my kids to be like. I’m sure everyone who’s actually close to the stage of the starting a family has those too. When those dreams are crushed, you have to be crushed. I guess the next step is accepting what’s happened and loving the still, amazing life you birthed into this world.

Report: Kanye West & Paul McCartney Recording Together →

Okay. I am weirdly alright with this. This sounds like it could be a spectacular mess or something pretty damn cool.

Smartphone Gamer Dragged Through the Subway →

First of all, this has to be a PR stunt? A PR stunt for some dumb fucking Chinese F2P mobile game. It has to be. As a species, we need this to be true. We need my words to be true. Because if it isn’t, and this girl is really dragging her boyfriend all the way through the god damn Beijing subway… for a smartphone game (I’m gonna say its Candy Crush because of course it is), then guys? Humanity has fucked up.

A great look at the history of those little credit sequences before the movies you watch. Its an amazing video, super insightful. Except it doesn’t acknowledge that the best pre-movie credit sequence is no pre-movie credit sequence.